I have a day job with the City of Seattle and an unmitigable desire to tell stories the rest of the time. I love to try new things and for nearly 3 years ran a strategy consulting & project management company to do just that. Before moving to Seattle, I was a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service. I worked primarily in public affairs and served at our embassies in Russia, Poland, Belarus, and Afghanistan, as well as at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC.

My primary interests are in public policy, technological innovation, and social justice. I also have a longstanding interest in linguistics and the interplay between language, culture, belief, and what we build (from software to cities). This blog is a place to explore those ideas in writing, giving myself space to speculate and to learn new things. I’ve inherited my family’s obsession with ethics and make no apologies for viewing the world through that lens.

I change my mind as I learn new things. I learn new things because I write about them. I therefore reserve the right to get smarter, kinder, more sensitive, more thoughtful, better informed, more strategic, better at storytelling, and just generally more alive, even if it means saying or writing stupid things from time to time and having them captured on the Internet for all to see. To live authentically is to take risks. That’s what I’m doing here, and everywhere, if I can help it.

More about me at candacefaber.com.


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